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Wish you had a demo first!

I really wished you had a demo first. The concept is awesome, but its slow and crashes constanly… Hope you guys fix this.

Very useful utility

I have a large and constantly changing data set on a NAS (about 18TBs) which I routinely segment and copy to a bunch of raw hard drives for offsite backup. I also make a ‘clone’ to another raid for near-line backup. I used to do this all manually, using the Finder. But it was a huge pain to keep track of what was new and what I’d already copied. Folder Sync makes it easy. I just set up presets for each group of folders and their corresponding destination and no longer have to worry about missing something. It’s fast and reasonably reliable. I didn’t experience some app crashes when I was using it on a system running 10.7.5, but they seem to have cleared up since I updated it to Mavericks. (my file selections are large, so perhaps it was a memory/32-bit vs 64-bit issue?) In any case, even the crashes were no big deal as the syncing will pick up right where it left off when I relaunch the app. This modestly priced utility has already saved me many hours of work. PS Feature request - I would find it very handy if it would show the amount of data copied and left to copy, and not just the number of items.

Complex looking, but is very robust and effective

I wish I’d had this software over the past ten years. In just a few sessions with it, it saved me loads of time squinting at and fussing over file lists. I’ve never used Time Machine as I’m a control freak. I like to carefully back up all my files and know exactly what is where. But, things get very confusing and difficult once you decide to mirror backups on separate drives. This program takes ALL the pain out of that by showing you exactly where folders and files differ. The one thing which can cause issues is when the OS has changed the create/modify date-and-time’s for files. Folder Sync has a way to just allow differences of a set amount of time so that those files don’t get flagged as truly different. I’m on Mavericks and have had zero problems with this software. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that I think at first glance this program might appear to complex for average users. I don’t mind it, but others might. Thanks!

Slow Downhill Slide...

I used to really like this program to copy selected folders to a NAS drive, however I started having problems with it this year and am giving up on it. It doesn’t always copy all files or copies the files and the files are unusable on the NAS drive (I had some iWork files that would not open). If I manually copy the same files through finder, everything is fine and I don’t have the same problems. I also had problems getting it to save sync groups... would give errors and not save the groups. I give up. Just wrote and applescript script to use rcopy to do the same thing and it is realiable and faster.

Crashes almost all the time

This product, is slow and crashes all the time. If you want to compare large amounts of files/folders. Clicking one side ties it up until it reviews all the files/folders. Then selecting the directory to compare takes even more time. Disaster. Run, don’t walk.


This small piece of software is incredible. I really wish it was built into the OS some how but at least its available from Destek. I have it installed on all my computers and use it constantly to backup large volumes of media. I have so much trust in this software and never drag and drop large volumes of files anymore. One of the greates things is if you cancel a download all the files that are already synced, remain transferred so you can pick up right where you left off. Great work on this software Destek.

Crashes everytime

Every time I try to sync with my Bitcasa share, it crashes and I've received no response from their support for a few days.

UI looks slick but it fails in doing its primary job

I was hopefull this application would work and initially was excited by the UI and all the options. That quickly ended once I click the start button on the sync. It failed to copy over 80% of the changed files between two different drives. I loaded another tool which had no issues. Should have noticed the 19 one star ratings! Stay away.

Great App, but a Little Weak over a Dormant Network Connection

I like this app. It does a great job for my main use, syncing folders on two different computers on my home network, but only when I first manually make sure the distant drive is not only mounted but also “awake” or “actively mounted.” Syncs often fail when I try to sync to a folder on a drive that was mounted a long time ago but has not been accessed recently. When that happens, I see no evidence of failure until I search out a log file. I would like to see this app enhanced to have the ability to “touch” or “remount” a distant drive, on a different computer, that has not been accessed in a while and has apparently gone to sleep; wait a few seconds; and then proceed with the sync. It may not be possible to do this in all network scenarios, but it should at least be possible to do it in a simple home network environment with computers that are already on and sharing folders and have merely dozed off because of inactivity for some time. Or perhaps the same thing could be accomplished with some Automator actions for Folder Sync. However, I would prefer to see Folder Sync add the capacity internal without needing to use Automator. This is a great app, but it would be even better with this additional network functionality built-in. It seems like rather simple functionality.

Does excactly what it says and is very easy to use & infomative.

I have several tools I can use to merge. None of them gave me the level of detail and control that this one does. In my case its about 60,000 files. I read some of the negative reviews but in this case I think only those with problems write reviews. The tool worked flawlessly and helped me identify large volumes of differences and make decisions at a macro level before executing the merge. Excellent Tool and works flawlessly…

Does Not Do What I Expected

Although a little cryptic, "automatic synchronization" is a touted feature. I couldn't get it to work in any acceptable way. There was a scheduler to perform full syncs at specified intervals, but that is garbage. Why would I pay for an app for just that? It should be able to treat each folder as a watch folder and sync only the changes on the fly. I read the manual and found nothing suggesting this software can do that. Very dissapointed. Thanks for taking my money and wasting my time.

410 - Every Time

While the program is simple enough to use, I wonder why, given the same parameters for backup (source and destination directories) and no - seriously, zero - file changes of any sort, it syncs 410 files. Always the same 410 files when nothing has changed. While I suppose I can live with this glitch, it is both annoying and an indication of some inner sloppiness of the program.

So far, so easy

I have only had this one for a day or two now, but it has done exactly what I bought it to do & with no learning curve. It synced my large (>30 gig) folder between my portable harddrive and my main one in seconds. Super easy. It scanned, told me which files were different & let me choose which direction to sync. Exactly what I needed. I may move on to music/photo libraries next...

Updated version works sweet!!

The updated version that works with Mountain Lion is excellent! I love this utility and now that it works again with Mountain Lion and I very pleased. Perfect tool to backup files to an external hard drive without a lot of hassle. Buy it!!


I downloaded this last year for 15 bucks trusting that this system would be reliable, when I upgraded to mountain lion it keeps on crashing when I synchronize files across two macs through the network. It would have been fine, say even if I have to restart the comparison of more than 5000 files which takes a while for it to crash in the middle of synchronization; Had it not been causing inconsistencies and data loss i.e. some files appear as 0 bytes when synchronized, thus all content are lost.


Either fix this app to work with Mountain Lion or take it off the App Store. I liked this app before Mountain Lion but with the update it's unusable.

Works with an Exception

The application does the folder compare very fast. I have used other utilities and found this application to be among the fastest. I use a NAS and frequently compare folders on the NAS, folders between my computer and the NAS… and this application works great for that. Exception: When I try to 'sync' folders that are large in size, this application crashes immediately. Now the author does state that it is not fully compatible with ML yet. So, I was forewarned. ML has been out for a while, so I would have expected this to be resolved by now... Work Around: For the 'sync' crashes I am experiencing, I found a workaround. 1) Compare the two folders you want to sync 2) Save this comparison as a 'preset' 3) Add this 'preset' to the queue. 4) Sync starts, no crashes and it works fine.

Works Well, Comes in Handy

I use this app often for comparing folders and syncing to make sure I have all the files in one or the other. I've found it to be a good perfoming application and does not crash as others have mentioned. I have the latest version for OSX mountian lion. I've used it to copy/sync accross my network and on the local drives without any problem. Becarful on how the options are setup for syncing - direction, deleting files/folders and what to ignore. I use other tools for backup (Time Machine) and coping/cloning hard drives. I recommend this tool.

Used to like this program

It seems to crash almost every time now that I added Mountain Lion. It is now September 12th and they still haven't updated the application to work with Mountain Lion. What is taking so long?

need to improve

This is a great software but has problems, when copying large ammounts of files is really slow and crashes. Very frustrating… please fix ASAP. Lots of people complaining about this.


When syncing: Crashed on Lion, still crashes on Mountain Lion. Also, EXTREMELY slow when comparing directories.

Crashes after mountain lion update

This app worked great before…now it is unusable.

Not impressed

I was hoping for simple and effective. What I got was obtuse and sluggish. This is not the "Second Copy" of the Mac World I was hoping for. It is really worse than the free options out there (file sync, synctwofolders, etc.) and without the try before you buy of a legitimate software program I am now out the $9 for the app. This is a screwed up way to sell software. Until this is a try before buy software package, I would highly recommend avoiding it to avoid the potential dissatisfaction.

it's simple and works

i'm cheap and usually try to find the free app to complete any job, but the other file/folder sync apps just didn't work. i was frustrated and took a flyer on folder sync. this app is GREAT!!! so freakin simple for a non technical person like myself.

does not have what i want

i have files on my "Left" which i want to sync to the right. it shows the files on the right are new based on time, even though the files on the left and right are the same. how do i "Ignore" based on same file size but different time.

Works well when it works.

I really like the app but it crashes every single time I do a large copy. If you don't have to do copies with too many files you will like this app but find another if you want a solution that doesn't crash so often and is a bit more robust.

Almost there...

I've tried several folder compare/merge utilities and Folder Sync is the closest to "perfect" I've found so far… Things I'd like to see added: • "Move" (vs. "copy") as an option in a uni-directional merge. I've got two folders that I'd like to merge into a single one. At the moment I can do a uni-directional sync (left-to-right or right-to-left) to copy all of the files that are missing from the destination folder, but then I have to manually delete the source. It'd be nice to not have to do this (and I would expect a "move" operation to be considerably faster than a "copy" one). • Additional "hash" comparison option. I love how fast the date/size comparison is, but I'd like to be able to (sometimes—as a configurable toggle) do a more in-depth comparison between files. As it is, I'm using a separate app to compare folders and remove dupes, and then using Folder Sync to merge those weeded-out folders together. It'd be nice to be able to do it all in a single app. • Better filtering of the comparison view. When I'm looking at the file lists after a comparison has run, I can see either "All" files or "Diffs"… but "Diffs" might include files that are in one location and not the other OR files that are in both locations but differ in size or modification date. When I'm merging folders I'd like to be able to quickly see *just* the files that exist in both places but differ somehow, so that I can figure out whether I need to do anything with them. A way of filtering the view to show just those files would save a lot of tedious "scroll slowly through the list and look for files listed in red or magenta". • Conflict resolution While we're at it, a flag for those same-but-different files that would quickly create a renamed copy in the destination folder (or in both folders, if I'm doing a two-way sync) would be great. As things stand, I need to manually copy those same-but-different files in Finder (and select the "Keep Both" option). Ideally, the naming scheme for conflicted files would be customizable. The app *has* saved me quite a lot of time and hassle as I'm going through years of backups to consolidate them and weed out superfluous files. With a few tweaks and a couple more features, it would be unbeatable as the best sync/merge app available for OS X.

Good so far!

A little pricy for what it does but….. I have it on a 6 terabyte copy and compare from my main homes raid server that houses 12 tb.. even through a small error it still tries to finish the job which is golden to me!!

Fantastic for large backups/syncs

It used to take me a whole week to sync 2 x 8TB HDD arrays, as I'd have to rewrite all of the files and folders. This utility can analyze both the source and target disks for differences, and its able to do what I need in just a few hours. The interface isn't very sexy, but it communicates exactly what's happening and that's actually more useful than eye candy. Good value app - thumbs up!

Simple, fast, and effective + Great customer support!

Very few apps are as reasonably designed as this one. Once you prep a preset, a fairly simple process, this app can run virtually on its own. Syncing parameters can be tweaked to your needs, like saving space, keeping older files, and so on. As an extra, the customer support is particularly fast and, well, great. I had an issue with the drives I was trying to sync, so I sent the error code to the support team. In a couple of hours, they replied with a brief explanation of the error code, plus a couple of more questions regarding the problem. I had the sync fixed in no time! I'd definitely recommend this solely on the app, but the customer support experience was also as simple, fast, and effective.

Does what it says

Like this app! It does exactly what it says, and provides many, many options and features to keep things synchronized. If I have a complaint, it would be the complexity; it's not a simple, elegant tool. It's definitely written for geeks. I'm a geek, so I don't mind, but others may feel it's un Mac-like.

Very Good for the price!

I have used this app for more than a month and it has worked very well. I have used similar apps that cost more, but this one has a nice feature set. There were some bugs at the beginning but I worked them out with support. Some corrupt pre-lion files were tripping it up. Since then, it has been very smooth. Easy to use interface and tons of options make it a great deal. I use it to sync a Macbook Pro to a iMac.

Awesome Sync App!!

I've been using this app for about 5 months now, syncing all of my data from one Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt drive to another, and this app works great! When I first started using the App, I had some suggestions for the Developer, and happily, he was extremely responsive! In fact, he liked the adjustments I had suggested so much, he incorporated them into the next update! Folder Sync is a great app, from a highly responsive developer. It has worked flawlessly for me and has really earned my trust. It's saved me from hours and hours of multi-terrabyte backups by simply synchronizing the data that has changed. 5 Stars.

Poor quality

Exceedingly poor quality software. Crashes almost everytime. Submitted crash reports multiple times. It's pretty much a waste of money. Never been more diappointed by any other software.


I got this so that i could keep my work folders current between my laptop and home iMac. All I needed to do was keep my documents folder on each computer synced. Mainly this is to keep the current versions of my keynote presentations on both machines as I tend to make edits to them on both units and need to not make the same edits multiple times or make different edits to one and not the other. This seems to be EXACTLY the sort of thing FolderSync was designed for… Every single time I tried to sync when both machines were connected to the network it failed giving me a string of red errors and freezing at 2.6% done. So I copied the folder from the iMac to the dekstop folder on the MacBook. So now I only need to syncronize two LOCAL folders in the same user account. Literally the directory difference is one is on the desktop one is in the user directory. Same goddamn problems. It says things like "expected a file and got a folder" or gives me numerous OS error codes. I have no time to go item by item and solve error codes, if I had that kind of time I would just sync the folders by hand. What an absolute waste of money, time and effort.

Simply outstanding! Especially if you want control over the process

I like having the ability to compare directories, choose what sync does in each direction (leaving or deleting orphan files), etc. Folder Sync does that!! You can copy, delete files individually as well. Somethings cannot be done via script, you need to see and have control on what's happening. Now I can keep my iMac and MacBook Pro in perfect sync. I have too much for Dropbox or any other service to handle. Plus I like keeping my Movies directories in sync. This was a headache, but no more. Works beautifully and gives me perfect control for each scenario with my various syncs. Simply outstanding!

FolderSync works really well

Over time I have really grown fond of this app. Has lots of great options and gives you plenty of info. One feature I really think is great is saving presets. For example you can sync your Aperture library to another location (like a NAS) and have that sync remove files from the target treating it as a one way sync (you can choose left, right or full sync). You do have to wade thru the documetation a bit but this is a very straight forward tool that leaves you in control.

No Good

Horrible piece of software. It froze up the first time I tried to use it. I eventually had to force quit the app. When I tried to run it again, it didn't recognize all of the files that it had failed to sync the first time, so I was never able to complete the synchronization. I wouldn't even bother to try it on another folder. just duming and and looking for something that works.

best folder synchronization

This program works great. Not only lets you select and exclude exactly what you want to sync, it shows you real time progress of the whole process. I use it to keep my imac and macbook air identical. You can also schedule this to sync automatically, like Time Machine.

Great Application. Does not crash.

I do not need to back up 1.4TB of data (ha); so as a practical computer user, it catered to all my needs and had an easy-to-use and friendly interface that I was able to get right into. Highly reccomended.

Does what it says

Although it wasn't as intuitive as I would've liked, it does what it says it will.

Does what it says it does - really. UPDATED FOR V1.3.0

I have been at the data matching game since 8086 days.. This program does what it says it does. Pay the money and be happy. I use a PC (business) and mac (to do what the PC won't)...I use 2 external drives and sync all 4 devices flawlessly...(ok I have to copy paste stuff to the PC manually...) I am content with the performance and ease of use. Nuff said. Version 1.3.0...I just installed and tried to use. MAJOR BUG ! When the software copies to external drive it incriments file time by 1 second and renders the file "different" from the computer then repots the difference as a need to re-copy file to external. I reverted to version 1.2.0 and the problem went away. Author needs to correct !!

Works OK unless ou have a bunch of files.

If you have a few hundred MB of files, it works great. Trying to sync a few GB takes forever - and that's if it even finishes without crashing. I definitely expected more for the price.

Crashes on large backup

I'm trying to sync my music, videos etc to an external drive, and it crashes every time. Granted, it's a large set of files (about 150k files, 1.4TB), but still. I want my $9 back. :(

Did not know there was a Mac version

I have used this program on various PC's for years - love how it works, love the interface and especially love the speed. With my new MacBook, I was looking for something that would work just as well, and as luck would have it, I did not need to compromise - there was Folder Sync for the Mac. Anyway - does a great job keeping folders between my MacBook and iMac synced up so that I can work at home or on the go. Great little program, definitely worth the 9 bucks.

getting better

This app would be very good if you could compare by contents. Not show the diffs, just do a binary diff if the contents differ and thus synch them. --------- The new version is getting better. I wrote a negative review earlier, I would like to update and say things are going in the right direction. I still say Freefilesync is the best, just not ported to OSX. Keep up the good work. You are getting better. *A by contents compare would be useful.*

Hangs in Lion

Unfortunatlely I could not get any files to be displayed left or right. It just hangs...

Not working for me

I tried to use this to sync music between my NAS and my laptop, but it's not working.

Nice Compliment to Time Machine

I bought this program so that I can update a backup on a portable external drive of my Pictures Folder as I make changes to metadata in Lightroom. This program does exactly what I wanted in terms of backing up tiff, jpeg, dng and psd files, even allowing me to exclude files and folders on my hard drive from syncing to my external drive. Folder Sync is a nice compliment to Time Machine, giving me more flexibility for backing up and restoring my Pictures Folder. I sent an email requesting help with how to delete an empty folder and had a response within the hour. Great customer service!

clunky unintuitive interface

The interface is hard to use, unintuitive, and needlessly complicated. I'm really disapointed.

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